The Major Benefits of a Dumpster Rental for Your Racine Construction Business


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October 24, 2019

Many businesses can benefit from renting a dumpster for their projects or events, and this is especially true for companies in the construction industry. Everyone from contractors who work on smaller sites, to large construction companies that work on big projects stand to benefit, because dumpsters come in several sizes that are designed to meet various job requirements. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the major benefits of renting a dumpster for businesses in the construction industry in Racine.


Exposed piles of debris around a construction site can be very unsafe. They pose a risk to on-site employees, managers, and even clients. The reason for this is simple—even small piles of debris can be a tripping hazard if they are scattered throughout the job site. With a dumpster, however, these piles can be quickly removed from the work area, and everyone involved will be able to work more safely.


Dumpsters can hold almost any material. You can dispose of construction waste, old furniture, and other miscellaneous debris. The list is pretty much all inclusive, but there are certain hazardous materials that need to be handled more carefully. These materials include medical waste and vehicle batteries, among others.

Legal Compliance

When you hire a professional waste disposal team, you ensure that you will be in compliance with all waste disposal legislation and regulations. This is because the company will either brief you or assist you in these matters.


Having a designated location for all your waste materials improves the efficiency of your team members. First off, it focuses the waste disposal task and removes redundant decision-making processes. Second, it removes the need to clean up the site of waste piles that accumulate during the lifetime of the project. Third, the workers do not have to worry about tripping over the debris, which allows them to concentrate on higher-value tasks.

Lowered Risk of Litigation

When your site is clean at all times, and it complies with all the regulations and laws that are in place, your risk of litigation is much lower. Expensive lawsuits can turn hard earned profits into dust very quickly, and any investment that can reduce the risk of litigation is bound to pay dividends in the long run.


When you dispose of waste properly, you show that you care about the environment. You will also have lower CO2 emissions overall, because you’ll need fewer trips to transport the debris from the site to the disposal area. All of this can make your carbon footprint smaller, and it can be used as a selling point in your offer to various customers.

Healthier Bottom Line

When your employees work safer and more efficiently, you will start to notice it on your bottom line. Fast workers who can stay focused on value-generating tasks will naturally complete the project in a much timelier manner and to a higher level of quality. This will, of course, affect your project at the time, but it will also help improve your reputation. Plus, it could also lead to positive reviews, extra references, and glowing testimonials.

Dumpster Rentals in Racine, WI

If you are interested in renting a dumpster in Racine, we are here to help. We offer same-day service, along with 24/7 emergency availability. Our dumpsters range in size from 15 to 30 yards, and we always aim to provide the best quality for the most advantageous price so that our customers can stay competitive. Once the project is complete, our team will pick up the dumpster right away and remove it from the site. Contact Eagle Disposal today to learn more.


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