What Are Some Events to Consider Renting a Dumpster For? Insights from a Dumpster Rental Service in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Wisconsin dumpster rental service

January 24, 2024

There are many different types of waste receptacles on the market today. These vary from trash cans to waste baskets and beyond. But when it comes to containing great volumes of trash, the dumpster reigns supreme.

Are you interested in learning about some different events where a dumpster can be helpful? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This dumpster rental service in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is going to explain below.

Outdoor Sporting Events

Whether it’s a marathon, a 5K, a football game, a little league game, or some other outdoor sporting event, having a dumpster can be an added convenience. After all, these events sometimes attract hundreds and even thousands of people. These people need somewhere to dispose of their trash, and in many cases,  dumpsters are the ideal receptacles for the job.

Not only do dumpsters provide the size necessary to contain large amounts of trash, but they’re also visibly prominent, making them easy for attendees to spot. This reduces the risk of littering and helps create a more hospitable environment overall.

If you would like to have a dumpster at your event site, you can always get in touch with your local dumpster rental service in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They will be happy to assess your event and recommend the appropriate number of dumpsters.

Construction/Remodeling Projects

Maybe you’re building a new garage? Perhaps you’re replacing the siding on your home? Regardless, if you’re planning a construction or remodeling project, having a dumpster nearby can make things much easier.

These projects tend to produce substantial amounts of waste. Much of this waste is large and cumbersome, and it often can’t be contained in standard trash cans. In these situations, dumpsters are the only receptacles for the job.

You can ask your dumpster rental service in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to drop your dumpster directly on your driveway so that it’s in close proximity to your project. This way, should you need to dispose of something, you won’t have to walk far to do so.

Outdoor Parties

Maybe you’re hosting a wedding in your yard? Perhaps you’re setting up an outdoor ice rink? Regardless, if you’re arranging a large outdoor event, you should think about renting some dumpsters.

Parties like these can attract hundreds of people, all of whom might create some form of trash. Dumpsters can sometimes be necessary in containing such volumes of trash.

When using dumpsters at parties like these, you should be mindful to keep them at a decent distance from the proceedings. This way, foul odors from trash won’t infiltrate the party area.


The last events we’re going to discuss are fairs/festivals. These vary from church fairs to county fairs to music festivals and much more. All these events are likely to attract hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who may end up producing some form of trash.

If you don’t have dumpsters present, you won’t be able to contain the substantial amount of trash generated. This could lead to littering, either accidental or deliberate.

Ideally, you can spread the dumpsters evenly throughout your festival/fair grounds. This way, every one of your attendees will be near a trash receptacle, regardless of where they’re standing at any given time.

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